About Us

BMI, a manufacturer of custom and pre-fabricated lower extremity bracing systems, is transforming the Orthotics & Prosthetics (O&P) industry, by leading dramatic changes in clinical practice methods, engineering breakthrough product designs, leveraging technology to streamline manufacturing, and achieving breakthroughs in patient outcomes never before seen in the O&P Industry.


BMI was established 4 years ago by reorganizing a 12-year-old traditional custom lower extremity orthotic manufacturer. This new company has a mission to lead the industry in a transformation from an “Art Studio” manufacturing environment, applying traditional clinical approaches, using traditional brace designs, to a “technology based” environment that evolves both product design and clinical application. This transformation is setting new standards in quality, efficiency and effectiveness in the industry. BMI has based the DRAFO® Program on a scientifically validated approach to alignment, balance and gait biomechanics that revolutionizes orthotic lower extremity outcomes. The DRAFO® Program encompasses a completely new clinical approach; a unique product line with a simple design and complex functionality, comprehensive clinical education modules, effective outcomes validation with simple measurement tools, and optimized reimbursement for practitioners. The result has been exciting breakthroughs in pediatric cerebral palsy patient outcomes that have expanded to broader pediatric conditions. This evidenced based approach in pediatrics has been at the core of the new evolution of adult and senior custom DRAFO® products that offer a superior alternative to traditional leather ankle gauntlets.


In addition to the breakthroughs in custom lower extremity manufacturing, practice methods, and product design, there has been a significant development for both military and athletic markets. The new pre-fabricated DRAFO® Sport athletic ankle brace was created using the scientific principles applied by BMI in the custom clinical orthotic area with outstanding results. The DRAFO® Sport is the ultimate solution for athletic ankle bracing because of its ability to provide significant comfort and flexibility while delivering medial lateral performance that controls inversion or eversion movement in a way that does not allow movement beyond normal end range. The result is complete mobility with significantly lower risk of an ankle injury.


Built around the application of constantly evolving technologies and methods, Bracemasters’ current product lines include lower extremity thermoplastic products, such as AFO, SMO, UCBL, the Clam Walker, and the Plastic KAFO. Also, lower extremity traditional metal and leather products, lower extremity pediatric thermoplastic products, ankle gauntlets, and our new Dynamic - Response - Ankle-Foot Orthosis (DRAFO®).


Prospectively, Bracemasters will bring a new ‘holistic approach’ to individual orthotic patient treatment, as well as to how a practice can best deliver care to its patients.  We, at Bracemasters, will enhance the entire process by which a practitioner selects, orders and delivers a particular device to a patient by bringing this ‘holistic approach’ to the patient/practitioner relationship.  Through advanced engineering and the application of a new generation of orthotic devices, we will successfully accomplish our goal of revolutionizing the orthotic brace industry. 


Due to the increased accuracy and consistency resulting from our constantly evolving technologies and methods, we can, not only reduce the initial workload for practitioners, but also reduce fitting time and any necessary rework, thus providing a more efficient and comfortable experience for patients.


Constantly in search of finding new ways to better serve our industry and its patients, we are developing web-based systems that will increase ordering speed, track production, ensure on-time delivery and provide the highest-quality and best-functioning custom orthopedic products in the industry.  Our goal is to provide the best support in the industry for providers and their patients, through continuous improvement of products and manufacturing processes.