The DRAFO Workshop DVD


The following DVD has been prepared as an information resource that includes the key content and materials presented during a DRAFO® Workshop.  The purpose of the Workshop DVD is to become an effective reference tool for practitioners so they can review any or all sections of the DRAFO® Workshop to clarify or reinforce information they may have earlier received.  In the event a practitioner has not attended a DRAFO® Workshop or presentation, this DVD may provide a comprehensive introduction to the DRAFO® program. 

The DVD is broken down into six separate chapters so that it can be viewed in smaller segments of time and/or targeted to the specific topic of interest for that session.  The complete DRAFO® program includes the background and history behind the design, the overview of the DRAFO® Product, the patient assessment methodology, the complete casting process, fitting and fine-tuning the device, and effective outcomes and measurement procedures.

We hope that you will find this DRAFO® Workshop DVD a helpful tool that contributes to the success of your patient care practice.


DRAFO® Utilization Pathology


DRAFO® Video Presentation





Video Introduction Providing Background and History Leading Up to the DRAFO® Design.


Chapter 1


Overview of the Key Features and Benefits of the DRAFO® Products.


Chapter 2


Demonstration of the Patient Assessment Technique that Optimizes DRAFO® Product Selection and the Casting Process.


Chapter 3


Demonstration of the DRAFO® Casting Process that Optimizes Results for Patients.


Chapter 4


Review of the Patient Fitting Process and Best Ways to Fine-Tune to Ensure the Best Overall Patient Outcome.


Chapter 5


A Presentation on Documenting Patient Outcomes and Measurements to Validate the Positive Results Achieved with the Orthotic Brace.