Ankle-Foot Orthosis (AFO)



The standard thermoplastic AFO design has been around since the mid-sixties.  Many central fabrication resources offer a standard design of an AFO.  At Bracemasters International, LLC, we continue to offer standard thermoplastic AFO’s, along with our new line of Dynamic - Response AFO’s, which we refer to as our DRAFO® family of products.  At the center of this family of products is our Dynamic - Response AFO, the DRAFO®


The original DRAFO® design was conceptualized as a total contact / total control ankle-foot orthosis that provides relief and flexibility over boney prominences while delivering rigid control.  One of the unique features of the DRAFO® is a flexible heel which provides proprioceptive feedback at heel strike and an effective sach heel effect that helps enhance gait performance and stability.   With feedback from many practitioners, we introduced the DRAFO® Lite to provide an intermediate solution for more traditional applications requiring a solid heel.  Further interest for a custom solution to acute ankle instability, acute injury, and injury prevention with athletic applications, resulted in the introduction of our new sports line, DRAFO® Sport, DRAFO® DRG, and DRAFO® Lite.  The DRAFO® family of products has evolved over recent years with some exciting variations that have proven to answer the needs of a broad range of pathologies.  We encourage you to visit the other product areas on the website to learn more about the features, benefits and opportunities of each DRAFO® product. 

In general, the complete DRAFO® line is appropriate when practitioners' are treating a vast range of conditions, but practitioners often have a need for a traditional AFO.  Bracemasters International’s team of technical professionals not only create a high-quality custom AFO, but also respond to practitioners' specific requests for modifications, features, strapping, trim lines, and delivery deadline.

Crafted from orthopedic-grade plastics, our complete line of AFO’s and Dynamic - Response AFO’s includes everything from simple Solid and PLS trims to more complex Pediatric, Articulated and Patellar Tendon Bearing (PTB) AFO’s.  The standard AFO is generally fabricated using Copolymer Plastic or Polypropylene, depending on the desired rigidity for the device.  In addition, we offer a comprehensive list of available options and transfers.  We can fabricate using your provided components, or we can supply any component available today.

  •  Our Options Include the Following:

    • Thermo-molded Posting

    • Flare

    • Plantar-flexion Stop

    • Liners

    • Inlay:  Single Layer

    • Inlay:  Double Layer

    • Relief Padding

    • Transfers

    • Crepe Posting

    • Premium Plastic

    • ST-Met Padding

    • Joints Pads-Pair

    • Pad for Strap

    • Plastic Ankle Reinforcement

    • Plastic Calf Reinforcement

    • Ankle Corrugations / Achilles Corrugation

    • Compcore Reinforcement

    • Ventilation Holes

    • Carbon Inserts

    • Custom Strapping

  • Selection of Joint Options for Articulated AFO’s:

    • Tamarack

    • Oklahoma

    • Gaffney

    • Uprights and Inserts

    • Any Other Available Joint

Bracemasters International stocks most currently available transfer papers and transfer images.



At Bracemasters International, LLC, our goal is to provide the best support in the industry for practitioners and their patients through continuous improvement of products and manufacturing processes.  We call it “Support for Life.”







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