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Dynamic – Response – Ankle-Foot Orthosis

The Dynamic – Response – Ankle-Foot Orthosis (DRAFO®) is a completely new approach to orthotic intervention in treating children and adults with varying neuromuscular and orthopedic pathologies.  Teamed with new assessment and alignment techniques, this new design changes how gait has been traditionally assessed.  The casting process utilized in this design requires that the patient be fitted in a position that is anatomically correct, not forced.  If the alignment of the DRAFO® is greater than their functional range, the orthotic device will not function properly.
The initial DRAFO® design was conceptualized as a total contact / total control orthosis that provides relief and flexibility over boney prominences, while delivering rigid control.  The DRAFO® family was developed, not as a series of products, but as a complete support program for patients and providers.

The DRAFO® Story

The DRAFO® program began by serving the needs of cerebral palsy children with spastic tone or hyper mobilityt of the joints.  One of the most important DRAFO® features is the ability to stabilize and hold the lower extremity in an anatomically neutral alignment, with little or no pressure problems.  The key to the success of the DRAFO® is the alignment process, which is able to biomechanically align and stabilize the foot in order to facilitate the most normal gait possible.
Research over the past eight years has challenged us, as professionals, to consider that traditional methods may limit patient outcomes.  Through clinical education, we focus on a scientifically validated approach to evaluating and fitting orthotic devices that often achieves breakthrough results for patients.  The DRAFO® is unique to the field of orthotics in this important way:  The design is simplistic in use, but complex in function, allowing for manipulation of how the foot and leg react to the ground, thus having the ability to affect the entire body to enhance overall function.

The DRAFO® Difference

One of the unique features of the DRAFO® is a flexible heel which provides proprioceptive feedback at heel strike and an effective sach heel effect that helps enhance gait performance and stability.   With feedback from many practitioners, we introduced the DRAFO® Lite to provide an intermediate solution for more traditional applications requiring a solid heel.  The DRAFO Lite is recommended when there is concern about knee hyperextension.  Further interest for a custom solution to acute ankle instability, acute injury, and injury prevention with athletic applications resulted in the introduction of our new athletic brace.  The DRAFO DRG was developed as a superior alternative to leather ankle gauntlets.  The DRAFO DRG offers features, benefits and performance that goes beyond what most traditional leather gauntlets provide. The DRAFO® family of products has evolved over the recent years with some exciting variations that have proven to answer the needs of a broad range of pathologies.
In general, the complete DRAFO® line is appropriate when practitioners are treating a range of conditions that include:

Cerebral Palsy, Muscular Dystrophy, Traumatic Brain Injury, Paralytic Equinus (drop foot), Talocalcaneal Varus or Valgus, Prophylactic Ankle Instability, Spina Bifida, Multiple Sclerosis, PTTD, Ankle Arthritis or DJD, Ankle Subtalar or Midtarsal Trauma, Down’s Syndrome, CVA (Stroke).
Bracemasters International, LLC is pleased to report all of the positive practitioner input related to the broad range of conditions that have been successfully treated using the DRAFO® family of products.  This continuous research and field input from our practitioners has been the primary catalyst for our constant evolution and development of additional products to the DRAFO® line.  Please review each of the product sections to learn more about the key features and benefits of each member of the DRAFO® family of products that include:

DRAFO® (High-Profile, Mid-Profile Articulated, Low-Profile)

The DRAFO® is a three-part system.  The first is the biomechanical assessment and casting process that is required for a successful outcome.  The second is the device and how it intimately controls the alignment of the foot.  The third is the alignment of the interaction of the device and shoe to the floor.  This part is what optimizes standing stability and ambulation.  We form and stabilize the foundation (foot/ankle) and then align the lower leg to the floor. 
Many other designs in the market do not provide as intimate a fit as is required to control the motions that occur in the foot.  The DRAFO® provides medial-lateral control, anterior-posterior control, and control of forefoot adduction/abduction and supination/pronation.
The DRAFO® is a custom orthosis promoting more holistic, positive outcomes and improved quality of life.  



  • The DRAFO® is a design that has developed as a total-contact orthosis, providing relief and flexibility over bony prominences.  It features a flexible heel which:

    Provides superior proprioceptive feedback at heel strike.

    Initiates the first rocker at heel strike.

    Significantly reduces tendo-calcaneal pressure problems.


  • Additional features and benefits include:

    • Extremely intimate, low-profile fit, allowing the use of current shoe size

    • Easy to don and doff

    • Easy to adjust

    • Easily controls:

      • Medial / Lateral

      • Anterior / Posterior

      • Forefoot Adduction / Abduction

      • Supination / Pronation


DRAFO Low-Profile:

  • Indications:

    • Mild dorsi-flexion and plantar-flexion control

  • Contraindicated for:

    • Hyperextension at the knee

    • High tone




DRAFO Mid-Profile Articulated:

  • Custom solution for acute ankle instability

  • Indications:

    • Medium dorsi-flexion and Plantar-flexion control

  • Contraindicated for:

    • Hyperextension at the knee

    • High tone






DRAFO High-Profile

  • Indications:

    • Maximum Control

    • Hyperextension at the knee

    • High tone

    • Can be used as a day or night orthosis





  • Indications:

    • Same as Low-Profile, but with more flexibility









DRAFO Tamarack:

  • Indications:

    • For Medial / Lateral stability

    • Allows Free Dorsi-flexion

    • Plantar Stop for Posterior Control

    • Recommend Full Range of Dorsi-flexion Present





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