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Dynamic - Response - Ankle-Foot Orthosis:  Dynamic - Response - Gauntlet


Imagine an alternative to the traditional custom leather ankle gauntlet that’s easier to fit, lower profile, longer-lasting, more hygienic, waterproof, and provides flexible comfort with rigid control.  The DRAFO DRG offers different levels of rigidity, based on the patient’s pathology.  The new DRAFO® Dynamic - Response - Gauntlet (DRG) represents a superior approach to traditional custom leather ankle support systems by utilizing the combination of a soft inner-layer with a rigid outer-shell.  This multi-layer system creates total contact and true tri-planar control when it is laced closed to provide a hydrostatic effect at the foot and ankle. 


Many patient care providers have learned that the new DRAFO® DRG provides tremendous upgrades from the traditional leather products.  Patients enjoy the fact that the DRAFO DRG can be adjusted at fitting, can easily fit in shoes, is completely waterproof, is easily cleaned, and seems to be more durable.


The DRAFO® DRG is quicky becoming the preferred alternative to the traditional leather gauntlets because of the many upgrades and the enhanced patient outcomes, due to the unique flexible inner-boot and rigid outer-shell design.


  • Easily Adjusted at Fitting

  • Flexible Comfort / Rigid Control

  • Total Contact

  • Lower Profile / Easily Fits in Shoes

  • Hygienic / Waterproof / Easily Cleaned

  • Available Lace or Velcro Closure Systems

  • More Durable than Leather

  • Options and Colors Available

  • Quick Turnaround

SUGGESTED L-CODES : L1960 L2275 L2280


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