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pdf DRAFO Sport Tri-fold


Dynamic – Response – Ankle-Foot Orthosis – Sport

“The ultimate solution in athletic ankle bracing” 


The DRAFO Sport is the newest and most innovative ankle brace in the Orthotic industry.  This low-profile, lightweight, waterproof design provides superior medial-lateral support, without restricting mobility.

The DRAFO Sport is a comfortable, easy-to-use brace that holds the ankle in a biomechanically neutral alignment, limiting the chances of inversion or eversion incidents.  The DRAFO Sport’s unique laminated design focuses on supporting and protecting the most crucial part of the ankle—the subtalar joint.  The total contact, hydrostatic closure allows for maximum safe movement, while simultaneously preventing new or recurring injuries.


  • Engineered for Acute Sports Injury:

    • Max ML Control / AP Flexibility

    • Increased Post-Injury Mobility

    • Enables Return to Competition

    • Accelerated Recovery Time

  • Maximum Control / Maximum Stability

  • Responsive Plantar Assist

  • Waterproof / Highly resistant to perspiration

  • Provides a dynamic solution to acute ankle instability

  • Engineered for sports injury such as high ankle sprains  



The DRAFO Sport is an excellent choice for treating and preventing ankle injury and instability during athletics and physical training, while offering an increased level of comfort and performance in ankle reinforcement.  When using the DRAFO Sport, athletes will enjoy the ease and efficiency of this popular replacement to traditional taping methods and basic ankle support orthoses.

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