Dynamic - Response - Ankle-Foot Orthosis - Lite


“An intermediate solution for more traditional applications”


The DRAFO® Lite was developed as an addition to the DRAFO® family of products to serve more traditional AFO applications.  This is a more simplified design that features a solid heel, conventional strapping and a smaller inner-boot focused on the distal section.  Practitioners often choose this DRAFO® Lite option when the primary concern is knee hyperextension and standing instability.

The DRAFO® Lite protects against knee hyperextension with a solid heel that induces forward vectoring at heel strike, unlike the deceleration experienced with a soft heel.  The elimination of the sach heel effect with the simplified solid heel design also helps maximize stability while standing.

The DRAFO® Lite maintains many of the DRAFO® features that has set it apart from traditional AFO’s, but still delivers simplified solutions for more traditional applications.

  • Simplified Traditional Design:

    • Solid Heel

    • Conventional Strapping

  • Total Contact Distal Section

  • Engineered for Maximum Rigidity

  • Very Low Profile - Easily Fits in Shoes

  • Neuro Kits Available:

    • Movable Met, Toe, and ST Pads

  • Hyperextention Control

  • Availible Solid or Articulated


This simplified design with a solid heel and conventional strapping varies from the standard DRAFO® as follows:

  • Smaller Inner-Boot (Distal section only)

  • Fewer Straps (Two straps)

  • No Heel Cut Out (For applications that call for a solid heel)

SUGGESTED L-CODES: L1960 L2270 L2275 L2280