Traditional Metal & Leather Orthoses:




Metal & Leather:


Bracemasters International has been an industry leader in the fabrication of traditional metal and leather orthotic devices.  We have been providing some of the highest quality metal and leather orthoses to patient care providers worldwide.  Our skilled technicians have been handcrafting custom metal and leather AFO's for over 11 years, offering a level of comfort and quality unsurpassed by anyone in the orthotic industry.  We, at Bracemasters International, stand by our products with a 100% guarantee.  Try us today and discover a superior level of comfort and stability found only in Bracemasters’ devices.

Our metal and leather products can be fabricated from a cast, quality tracing, or detailed measurements.  We use the highest quality leathers along with new synthetic blends and unique plastics to offer the broadest range of customization options.  From Metal Ankle-Foot Orthoses (AFO's) with standard cuffs or molded lacers to complex metal Knee-Ankle-Foot Orthoses (KAFO's), our highly trained staff will consistently deliver to your specifications.

Bracemasters International utilizes the latest technology, processes, and materials to deliver the most comprehensive customization solutions for patients.  From accurately duplicating every aspect of an existing orthosis to collaborating on a hybrid design that embraces the latest in design and material specification, it all comes back to our goal of supporting the needs of the provider and their patients. We call this: “Support for Life.” 

Although, these custom metal and leather AFO's have been popular for decades, the orthotic industry is shifting its focus toward more effective, comfortable and hygienic thermoplastic designs.  Bracemasters offers several alternatives to the respectable metal and leather bracing technologies, such as the Dynamic - Response - Ankle-Foot Orthosis (DRAFO®).  Some patients and/or their providers may feel that a change at this point in the treatment process is unwise; however, we have seen vast improvements in patient outcomes by assisting in the transition to an innovative new product that has been offering a level of superiority never before seen in this industry.  Also, Bracemasters International has designed these new products with not only the patient, but also the patient care providers, in mind.  Practitioners will also benefit from the change. 


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