The DRAFO® Symes DRP was developed as an addition to the DRAFO® family of products to serve the needs of those with a “Symes Amputation” or partial foot amputation with similar pathology.  This Dynamic-Response “Prosthosis” (DRP) was developed utilizing a unique blend of orthotic and prosthetic design elements we refer to as a “Prosthosis.” 


The orthotic components come from the key elements of the DRAFO® product.  The prosthetic element is provided by custom shaping a special foam material to fill the balance of the space in a conventional shoe.  Together, the orthotic and prosthetic components of this “Prosthosis” deliver a level of comfort and control with greatly enhanced gait performance, unlike many other options available on the market today.

The DRAFO® Symes DRP is an exciting new solution for “Symes” and partial foot amputees that provides positive outcomes and improved quality of life.       


At Bracemasters International, LLC, our goal is to provide the best support in the industry for practitioners and their patients through continuous improvement of products and manufacturing processes.  We call it “Support for Life.”


Feature Benefits:


Applicable Functional Level:

  • Polypropylene Shell: K2 - Low K3

  • Carbon Fiber Shell: K3 - K4

  • Polypropylene Variant Allows for Everyday Activities of a Community Ambulatory

  • Carbon Fiber Variant Allows for Higher Level
    Activities Up To, and Including, Running

Key Benefits:

  • Extremely Light Weight = 1.2 lbs

  • Easy to Clean “Hygienic”

  • Total Contact, “Excellent Suspension”— Does Not Move on Patient, but Rather Moves with Patient

  • Easy Donn and Doff for Patient, Very Patient Friendly

Cost Savings:

DRAFO® Symes DRP vs Conventional Symes

  • Price:  Approximately 50% Less

  • Fabrication:  A Couple of Days vs a Couple of Weeks

  • Patient Fitting:  Single Visit vs Several Visits



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